3 thoughts on “Dating, dating, dating!

  1. There are many great tips in this article.Too great I would say! Love is not mathemathics! We can`t calculate anything in love! Of course we should have some priorities,we should know what we expect from a partner and a relationship but can you imagine what would happen if we would go with all these thoughts on our mind to a date?! It would be too awkward! You cannot so easily give up from a guy who doesn`t fulfill all your expectations or fly into a relationship with someone who seems right but you don`t feel any chemistry. One should listen to his heart,because that`s the best way to recognize true match!

  2. So, so true! I used to sit at home and whine how I’m alone and desperate, but couldn’t make myself to go out and explore the possibilities. And they are endless, but only if you prepare yourself for ‘failiures’. Mr Right won’t show up immediately…or maybe he will. You never know, but that is why you have to explore. 🙂

  3. As someone who is still waiting for Prince Charming I must say I’m a bit aggravated. I mean, where is he !?! 🙂 I followed the advices, I set my standards and my criteria is reasonable. Above all, I do go out. I go out every weekend but nowadays it’s harder to meet anyone let alone Mr. Right. People just became so alienated. It used to be normal to go out in a club or a bar and talk to a stranger, have a drink or just chat. Now, people are checking out each other ,who has a better dress or who spends more money on partying…
    Anyways, I still believe that one should never give up, I know I won’t, and that true love and that one guy that is right for us, really exist.

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